WWE Media Content Center

The existing WWE site is over 7 acres and already houses an existing facility for their Media Capture and Content Creation. This facility would expand 5 times to become a 200,000 SF campus based on an architectural program developed by our firm. The process included extensive interviews, analysis of workflow, prototyping of the workplace […]

WWE Common Area

The design intent of this Creative Assignment was to provide an identity and aesthetic uniformity for the WWE technical facility that would carry the exterior of the building into the heart of the facility, through the lobby and gathering spaces. WWE is a dynamic organization that deals with traditional corporate structure and hierarchy, technical […]

WWE Network Tech Area

This new Network initiative by WWE is a 2 floor level design which expands the existing Central Equipment Room, QC Release, Transmission, and Central Ingest. The biggest challenge was to transform the designated area from an office space to a broadcast space, namely providing adequate cooling, access floor, and physical and wiring connection to […]

WABC Radio Disney

This reconfiguration project sought to find a cohesive solution for a facility that houses two separate radio stations. Our firm engaged the Radio groups and Disney Core Services in a dialogue to identify possibilities for efficiencies, adding flexibility and creating an enjoyable working environment. We created a center where all the different users of […]