Project Details


Location: 689 5th avenue and 54th street

Project Description:

Located in a landmark building in Midtown Manhattan, this project is not only a space for professional performers to rehearse and perform but also a showroom for Yamaha’s products. Central to the project is the Piano Salon that is used for receptions, performances, film screenings and more. Intensive coordination with acoustical, lighting and audio-visual consultants generates a flexible, legal place of assembly equipped with production lighting, HD projection and Yamaha’s Active Field Control system (AFC). AFC adapts the space to any performance size and simulates the acoustics of other performing arts venues through the use of software and hardware. The Salon is also equipped with high definition robotic cameras controlled from the Nuage Room that, combined with cutting-edge sound mixing technology, enable broadcasting. The facility has three rehearsal rooms and support areas such as an event servery, administrative offices and an extensive instrument repair and maintenance shop. The project showcases the beauty of the musical instruments and promotes YASI’s status as a global leader in the music industry.