Project Details


Location: 250 Park Ave., 20th floor, New York City

Project Description:

Fútbol Club Barcelona’s new home on Park Avenue takes up 2,700 square feet on the 20th floor of one of the most emblematic buildings in Midtown Manhattan, located just three blocks away from the iconic Wal-dorf Astoria Hotel.

The offices were designed as a highly functional facility, which can be transformed in a matter of minutes for use in a wide-variety of different activities. It is envisioned as a place to hold promotional events, to display Barças achievements along with support offices, exulting FCB history and social mission. The design solution includes the use of flexible lighting solutions, bold floor finishes, trophies’ displays, etched cement boards and wall mounted graphics all providing the visitor with a true FCB experience. The multi-purpose design approach recreating a modern football-inspired atmosphere resulted in a multidi-mensional venue good to develop Barça’s business, a place to hold events and to screen important games as well as a loca-tion to conduct presentations and catering for club members.