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Essie’s Retirement Party

To honor her 21 years at Meridian Design, we threw a Retirement Party for our office manager Essie Borden. Current Meridian staff as well as many more alumni all gathered to eat, laugh, share some memories, and wish her luck on this exciting new chapter.

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Environmental Design + Construction: Solar Energy and Architecture By Luis Roges

What happens when one flips on a light switch? We all expect a light or many lights to come on in the room. Sounds simple, but few of us think about this unless no light turns on. In the United States, electric power has been used for generations and is used by just about […]

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Broadcast Engineering: TV Production Specs

The television production space, commonly referred to as the studio, is still the primary location for content capture in the television industry. The purpose of this two-part article series is to explain the relationship that the studio has to the other spaces that are necessary for a successful production and to establish technical design […]

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Sustainable Facilities and LEED Certification : A Broadcaster’s Guide

The design and construction of the Broadcast Facility is evolving. The facility and its supporting spaces are being affected by the growing trend of states and municipalities to integrate sustainable design requirements into building codes.
This paper will present to Broadcasters an introduction to the structure of LEED® and its seven primary areas of […]

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