Essie’s Retirement Party

To honor her 21 years at Meridian Design, we threw a Retirement Party for our office manager Essie Borden. Current Meridian staff as well as many more alumni all gathered to eat, laugh, share some memories, and wish her luck on this exciting new chapter.

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Radio World – Sustainable Facilities and LEED Certification

“How will green and sustainable building construction requirements affect my facility development plans?” This is a question all broadcasters should be asking themselves right now. There exists an amalgam of codes and regulations that have been seperately administered by a variety of governmental agencies, which address energy efficiency, water conservation, toxic materials, transportation, waste […]

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Environmental Design + Construction: Solar Energy and Architecture By Luis Roges

What happens when one flips on a light switch? We all expect a light or many lights to come on in the room. Sounds simple, but few of us think about this unless no light turns on. In the United States, electric power has been used for generations and is used by just about […]

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MDA User’s Guide to Corporate Design and Construction

The Principals at Meridian Design explain their process in directing a project from conceptualization to completion. In this publication, MDA details the principles behind planning and executing corporate design in today’s economy. For more information, open the .pdf link here.

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